Some selected accolades.

Cannes Lions

2016 BRONZE Integrated led by Promo, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2016 BRONZE Cyber, Influencer/Talent, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2016 BRONZE Cyber, Community Building, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2016 Shortlist Cyber, Video, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2016 Shortlist Promo & Activation, Digital Platform, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2016 Shortlist Mobile, Integrated led by Mobile, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2016 Shortlist Entertainment, Content Production, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2015 SILVER Cyber, Every Mother Counts
2013 GOLD Branded Content & Entertainment, Automotive, Volkswagen
2013 BRONZE Direct, Automotive, Volkswagen
2013 Shortlist Media, Best Use of Branded Content, Volkswagen
2012 BRONZE Direct, Automotive, Volkswagen
2012 Shortlist Cyber, Digitally Led Integrated Campaign, Volkswagen
2012 Shortlist Promo, Best Integrated Led by Promo, Volkswagen
2012 Shortlist Promo, Cars & Automotive Services, Volkswagen
2012 Shortlist Media, Best Consumer Engagement, Volkswagen

CLIO Awards

2016 SILVER, Integrated Campaign, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2016 BRONZE, Digital Mobile in Music, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2016 Shortlist, Partnerships, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2015 BRONZE, Social Media, Nike Search For The Baddest
2013 SILVER, Public Relations, Hover Car

Digital Media Awards Pacific Asia

2011 Agency Of The Year, BBDO Proximity
2011 PLATINUM, BBDO Proximity
2011 GOLD, Automotive Campaign, Volkswagen
2011 GOLD, Website, Volkswagen
2011 GOLD, Automotive Campaign, Volkswagen
2011 SILVER, Best Integrated Campaign, Volkswagen
2011 SILVER, On-line Marketing, Volkswagen
2011 SILVER, Best Use of Social Media, Volkswagen


2016 Best Use of Video or Moving Image, Samsung's ANTIdiaRy
2016 Mobile Campaigns, Samsung's ANTIdiaRy


2012 GOLD, Integrated Campaign, Hover Car

John Caples International Awards

2012 GOLD, Viral Video Marketing, People's Car Project
2012 SILVER, Integrated Campaign, People's Car Project
2012 BRONZE, Ambient Guerrilla, People's Car Project
2012 Finalist, Best Art Direction, People's Car Project



2017 Graphite Pencil / Branding, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2017 Graphite Pencil / Branded Content, Samsung ANTIdiaRy

One Show

2017 GOLD / Mobile Gaming, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2017 Merit / Design Digital, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2017 Merit / Mobile, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2012 Merit / Social Networks, Volkswagen
2012 Merit / Integrated Branding Campaign, Volkswagen

LIA London International Awards

2016 GOLD / Design, Branded Content, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2016 BRONZE / Branded Entertainment, VR, Samsung ANTIdiaRy
2011 SILVER / The NEW Category, Volkswagen
2011 Finalist / Digital, Volkswagen
2011 Finalist / Design, Volkswagen

New York Festivals

2013 SILVER, Public & Media Relations, Hover Car
2013 BRONZE, Branded Entertainment / Automotive, Hover Car
2013 BRONZE, Branded Entertainment / User Generated Content, Hover Car
2011 Finalist, Interactive Website, Volkswagen
2011 Finalist, Integrated Mixed Media Automotive, Volkswagen

AME Effectiveness Awards

2013 GOLD, Cars & Automotive Services, Volkswagen
2013 SILVER, Most Effective Use of Public Relations, Volkswagen
2013 BRONZE, Most Effective Social Media Marketing, Volkswagen
2012 SILVER Best Integrated, Volkswagen
2012 Shortlist Branded Content, Volkswagen

Spikes Asia

2012 GOLD, PR/Social Media, Volkswagen
2011 SILVER, Integrated, Volkswagen
2011 BRONZE, Film Craft, Volkswagen

Other Awards

2014 Lüerzers Archive, 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide, Nike Tennis
2014 FWA MOTD, Nike Recovery Hypertight
2014 AWWWARDS Special Honor, Nike Recovery Hypertight
2011 MAAD Awards, Integrated Gold, Volkswagen
2009 El Ojo de Iberoamerica, Interactive Bronze, Rexona Energizing X Race
2009 Yahoo Big Idea Chair, Shortlist, Doritos Giant Pack
2009 Yahoo Big Idea Chair, Shortlist, Doritos Sweet Chili
2009 FWA SDTD, Rexona X Race
2009 6th Annual of the Creative Club, Lacta Chocolate, Kraft Foods
2007 Interactive Advertising Bureau, Silver, Philip Morris Prevention Program
2007 Microsoft Extreme Makeover, Innovative Digital Business
2005 iBest Awards, 3 Golds